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TROYO, an Erasmus+ Project


TROYO is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership for Youth Project funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Program. Project is organized to train youth on the marine hazards through innovative and scientific tools and methods.  Youth trained by trainers, experts and professionals are from different disciplines; not necessarily from coastal or civil engineering fields.

The training program enhances knowledge and awareness of selected young people in the marine hazards and enable them to acquire new methods of preparedness against marine hazards and transfer the acquired knowledge directly to younger people through training activities.

The main objective is training of youth by youth on preparedness against marine events and protection of coastal utilization and environment. Gaining enunciable skills provide young generation to take part actively in training of youth for raising awareness and  to be prepared against the coastal effects of marine extremities such as meteorological and hydrological induced coastal inundation and their effects on marine environment and coastal utilization.


Targeted group during the training activities was mainly coastal young populations.

TROYO offers scientific knowledge on marine hazards to youth and young generation which is a crucial issue for countries like Turkey surrounded by seas and have the risk of marine hazards. This makes a significant help on having a social awareness against marine hazards.

In practice, the preparedness against disasters have been carried out through training of mainly professionals, decision makers and stakeholders. 

It can also be noted that international organizations such as UNESCO Youth Forum is one of the important youth training activity on disasters which is also taken into account in TROYO activities.   Essentially, youth can play an effective role in assisting communities for awareness raising on hazards and their effects on the marine environment by i) sharing information they have learned with their  families and friends, ii) helping parents and communities  in disaster preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery effort activities and issues, and iii) bringing their creativity to mitigation strategies. Therefore involving youth in prevention, preparedness, recovery, and response efforts activities can help to ensure that youth, families, and communities are better prepared and more able to respond to disasters.


TROYO activities are divided into four Work Packages (WPs). Work packages starts with transfer of scientific knowledge and experience with innovative methods into enunciable knowledge, and then converting enunciable knowledge of marine hazards into training materials for youth and general public, and afterwards training selected youth from universities, and finally facilitating selected youth from universities to train selected people from younger generation. 

The work packages are as follows:

Work Package 1: Training Materials for Youth on Marine Hazards 

In this work package the experts collaborate through workshops and meetings and develop required training materials and tools for general public and youth by considering different training strategies using different methods for different marine hazards and cases from different countries; 

 Work Package 2: Training of Youth by Experts  

In this work package selected experts  train selected youth from university students. Trainers/experts from partners use training materials (from WP-1) through workshops, lectures and exercises with different case studies in this training program. 

Work Package 3: Training of Younger by Trained Youth  

In this work package trained youth train the younger people selected from students (preferable high schools or younger). In this WP, experts will accompany the young trainer as an assistant during training.   

Work Package 4: Dissemination activities  

This Work Package aimed to disseminate the project outcomes beyond the project duration for further training and awareness raising activities. Dissemination activities take place to establish a web site, for preparation of training materials and to develop tools for youth and general public (parents, professionals and stakeholders)  mainly on practical methods in social preparedness.


Young trainers in Marmaris
Training of trainers in Marmaris
Young trainers in Marmaris
Presentation of a young trainer
Training of trainers, a lecture
non-formal education methodologies
training of trainers activities
coffee break
non-formal training methodologies
non-formal education methodologies
trainers of trainers activities
Group photo in Marmaris
a lecture in Marmaris
Kick-off Meeting, Ankara

17 March, 2016, Ankara, Turkey

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